We offer classes for every level of student. Our goal is to give you a variety of yoga to suit all of your days


Vinyasa Flow

Open to any level of practice, our Vinyasa Yoga class is all about syncing our movements with our breath and linking each pose to create a seamless sequence. Modifications available for beginners and advanced students. Every teacher brings their own flavor to these classes, try them all!  75 minutes


Flow and Restore

 This sweet class incorporates a flow practice to energize and warm your body that leads you smoothly into restorative poses to rest and calm.     75 minute


Restore and regenerate with passive postures held for longer durations. The gentle stress on the connective tissues within this practice helps to increase circulation and joint mobility.   Energetically Yin opens the body’s meridian system which enhances the bodies natural energetic flow and supports emotional stability.              75 minutes


Allow your body to rest and rejuvinate in fully supported postures.  Prepare to get cozy and relax deeply. 75 minutes

Meditative Movement

This class focuses on deep relaxation and healing. It promotes physical and mental fitness through gentle movements combined with breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditation. For all levels and ages, beneficial for both athletes seeking better body awareness and the complete beginner seeking a release from tension and tightness.  75 minutes

All Levels Yoga

 In this class, we will use the breath to allow the body to open more fully into each student’s individual expression of the posture (asana).  The asanas will be held for several breaths in order to find safe alignment, strengthen and lengthen the muscles and allow the student ample time to settle their mind inward.  Modifications will be provided as well as suggestions on how to explore the asanas more deeply.  This class is perfect for those newer to yoga as well as more experienced yogis. 75 minutes


Happy Hour

All the goodness of a vinyasa flow class packed into one happy hour.    60 minutes


Intermediate Yoga

Appropriate for students who have been practicing for a year or more and are ready to continue to build more strength and flexibility through deepening postures and refining alignment.  We will continue to use the breath to allow the body to open more fully into each student’s individual expression of the asana while also settling the mind inward.  Preparations for arm balances and inversions may be introduced as well.

Beginners Yoga

This slow flow class is designed for beginning yoga students to obtain an understanding of basic postures and creating a link between breath and movement. Not limited to beginners- if you like your flow slow come on in.     75 minutes



Asana and breathing (pranayama) are used to keep your body fit and rested in preparation for meditation, or Dhyana. In this class you will be lead through pranayamaand guided into a focused attention meditation. The basic practice of meditation helps to focus your mind on a single object, improving concentration.


For beginners and intermediates alike, this low intensity class will get you moving without putting strain on your body.  75 minutes


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yoga is complimentary to the more dynamic flow and invigorating Yang Yoga. During this class you will wake up, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, body, and mind with an active vinyasa style practice followed by a series of floor postures held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive stress on the deep connective tissues in the body.  This will emphasize stillness and silence which will prepare the body and mind for a deeper experience.   60 minutes


Therapeutic Yoga

Confidently bring yourself to this nurturing yoga class while living with ailments, injuries, arthritis, ptsd, anxiety, maybe all of the above. This class will provide a safe practice for each unique body.          60 minutes


Foam Rolling

Apply self massage using a foam roller and a massage ball, releasing adhesions from muscles that develop from overuse, trauma and repetitive motion. This class may help to reduce pain and inflammation as well as prepare you for various physical activities. 40 minutes


Stretch and Strength Core Yoga

A fusion of pilates and yoga postures specifically designed to strengthen and stretch the core. Perfect for students looking to tone up the abdominal muscles while protecting and nurturing the back.  60 minutes



Kripalu is a yoga practice with a compassionate approach and emphasis on meditation, physical healing, and spiritual transformation that overflows into daily life. 75 minutes




Combines Self-Myofascial Release Techniques (SMRT) and progressive core work using a foam roller.  Combining these two elements allows you to maximize time and effectiveness as you boost performance with the health benefits of massage and total body exercise.  SMRT-CORE™ can improve posture, strength and flexibility to help you move better and prevent injury. 40 minutes