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Sacred Mantra Chanting + Gong Bath with David Martin $25

  • Main Street Yoga 8167 Main Street Ellicott City, MD, 21043 United States (map)

“Mantra is the use of sound to affect consciousness; man means mind and trangmeans wave or projection. Everything in this world, down to the subatomic level, is in constant motion, vibrating. The denser a material, the more slowly it moves; often the vibration is so slow or so fast that we can’t notice it with our direct senses. This vibration is pure energy.” –


Join David Martin for a workshop in chanting of sacred mantras to elevate our vibratory frequency and co-create a luminous field of light, love, and intelligence around everyone in attendance.  Together, we will chant sacred kundalini yoga mantras for a specific duration of time, each with a specific aim toward the body and a desired effect on the psyche.  In chanting, it is often a time when we come face to face with issues of anxiety, self-esteem, self worth and vulnerability.  This is okay!  David has a very beautiful way in presenting this practice to make everyone feel comfortable and assured that his or her voice is that of an angel and longs to be expressed and heard.  We all have a mind and that mind is always chanting something.  The question however, is the mind chanting things that are negative and diminishing to our growth?  Or are we integrating proven, powerful, uplifting and transformative mantras with our sound current to project ourselves into a radiant state of being where all of our wildest dreams become reality?  A few of the sacred mantras that we will chant together are the “Morning Call” mantra, also known as Long Ek Ong Kaars.  This mantra initiates the kundalini energy, initiating the relationship between our soul and the Universal Soul.  We will chant the “Har” mantra, also known as the penetrating sound of God and the mantra for prosperity.  Lastly, we will chant the Guru Ram Das mantra.  This mantra, David’s personal favorite, invokes the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. It opens the heart center (the 4thChakra) so that we can feel and effortlessly radiate universal love.  We call on Guru Ram Das in praise of his spiritual guiding light and protective grace.  Altogether we will spend 1 hour working with mantra.  All attendees will then, lie down on their backs for an extended savasana (Corpse pose) and receive a beautiful gong bath.  During this time, the sonic waves of sound and vibration produced by the gong bathe the students bodies, minds and electro-magnetic fields, allowing them to completely let go of the physical, relax into clarity of truth and experience deep, profound restoration of their luminosity, radiance and vitality.  This workshop is for all experience levels whether you are brand new to mantra chanting or a seasoned practitioner of this powerful meditation practice.  Sat Nam.

Price of Workshop includes a single class pass to one of David's weekly Yoga & Gong Classes, valid for 3 weeks from workshop date.

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