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Flow & Restore Yoga and Acupuncture Workshop with Janice Ingson and Molly Dearstine

Janice Ingson and Molly Dearstine are returning with their very popular collaboration, offering an incredible gift of healing!  This event starts with a 75-minute Warm Flow & Restore yoga class, and is followed by a long savasana enhanced by acupuncture!


The Flow portion of class is movement paired with breath, and is  designed to soften the places in the body where we tend to hold stress.  This prepares us for the Restore portion of class, where the breath itself helps us to relinquish control and settle into the restorative postures.

It’s really quite a lovely healing practice, and Janice is turning up the heat a bit during the Flow part of class to help the softening process.  The room will remain warm and cozy for the Restore portion, encouraging you to soften and allow the props to support you.


The icing on top is that Molly will offer acupuncture in specific points (ear and third eye) that will help you to relax more fully into savasana.  


This class sells out, so please reserve your spot ASAP.


Cost: $35, in advance, $40, day of class