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Manifest Your Magic Vinyasa & Vision Board Workshop with Danielle

"Why not become conscious of the choices you are making and then begin to create your life like an artist?" - G. Zukav

Use your practice and your community to fuel your life. Take the time as we head into a new year to reflect on what your yoga practice is about for you and why you continue to keep showing up on your mat. What is it that you are cultivating with your practice and what would you like to cultivate in this upcoming year?
Our yoga and meditation practices allow us to drop into the deeper subtler aspects of our selves so that we can begin to hear and decipher the whispers of our hearts.  As our bodies and minds begin to calm, strengthen, and open we begin to become more intentional about the lives we are creating and living. We listen less to the messages that tell us we "can't" or"shouldn't' do  something. We stop identifying so much with the past and allow ourselves to experience ourselves as whole and powerful, capable of the goodness that we imagine.   This grounding and centering vinyasa practice will prepare us to begin creating a visual representation of the goodness we wish to create and draw to us in this coming year.