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Yoga Nidra with Sara Gruss

Our Jen is sick with laryngitus- Yoga Nidra will still go on.  The amazing Sara Gruss will be leading nidra tonight. Yay!

What is Yoga Nidra?

Is it a pose? Guided imagery? An affirmation? A visualization tool? Mind-body therapy? A relaxation exercise? Yoga Nidra can be all of these things, and more--in essence, it's a highly effective meditation technique that's been around for thousands of years.

Though yoga nidra is translated as "yogic sleep," this method is not really about getting in a good snooze. Guided by your teacher's voice, you identify sensations throughout your body and focus on your breath, while (ideally) remaining in a state of relaxed awareness so that you may release deeply held tensions, some of which you may not even be aware.

You will leave your nidra session feeling nourished restored.

Later Event: February 17
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