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Myofascial Release + Restore Yoga with Janice Ingson & Steven Bumbry $35

In this workshop, you will learn take-home techniques to unravel tension in your tissues. This will prepare you for the deeper surrender that you get from the Restorative Yoga portion of class.

You will take home simple but effective knowledge that you can apply in your own self-care routine, as well as increased feelings of overall well-being.

Fascia is .a connective tissue that is like the fabric of our body. It gives our body structural shape and surrounds every muscle, organ and bone.

Myofascial Release (MFR) creates movement along myofascial lines, or pathways of connective tissue that become contracted and adhered from habitual movement and chronic posture positions.

This technique will relax muscles, improve blood flow and increase lymphatic circulation.

Earlier Event: September 28
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Later Event: December 16
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