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Cacao Ceremony with Jen Lyons


The Cacao ceremony utilizes cacao in its purest form as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing.

The Cacao drink is used in a sacred medicinal ritual. Intentions are set and once consumed the drink unlock euphoric states and help release negative emotions. Experiencing a deeper connection with yourself and others.

After the sacred space is set and the Cacao has been ingested everyone will find comfortable space to journey deep within. Beginning with a Chakra clearing meditation and then heading on a guided journey to connect with higher-self as well as other higher vibrational energies.

During the journey participants will be bathed in sound healing as well as offered both crystal and Reiki healing.

More information about Cacao

Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. It is a ancient plant medicine, with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and is a powerful antioxidant. Cacao increases the blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the brain and induces the release of feel-good endorphins.

Cacao ceremonies are a type of shamanic healing – which is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. These types of healing ceremonies work with rebalancing energies in the body to regain health. However, unlike other shamanic experiences, drinking cacao will not make you hallucinate or give you some sort of ‘out-of-body’ psychedelic experience. Cacao instead, is used to gently touch your heart and to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our heart (Anahata) chakra.