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Embodied Voice with Elizabeth Scollan $45

The voice is the most powerful tool of communication we possess. When we speak, we are capable of relaying not only words, but as written by of Kristin Linklater "whatever gamut of emotion, complexity of mood and subtlety of thought [we experience]." Conversely when we are blocked from using the full power and vulnerability of our natural voice, everything else in our physical, emotional and energetic body can feel stuck as well. This workshop we will explore the complexity of our voices through a variety of vocal and physical exercises, group discussion, and personal reflection in order to find greater freedom and access to our embodied voice. These practices make a great addition to your home yoga practice and will augment your experience of your energetic body in the process.

I. This workshop we will.
1)Explore the anatomy and many functions of the voice.
2)Identify and discuss the biases we carry about our own voices.
3)Practice both partner and individual exercises in order to
  a)Gain a deeper understanding of how the voice works.
  b)Improve our natural articulation, resonation and breath support.
  c)Remove tension that blocks us from sharing the power of our embodied voices with students.

Bio: Elizabeth discovered yoga in 2006 as a means to relieve a stressful work life. She was amazed at how much more whole and healthy she felt and has been practicing ever since. Elizabeth completed her 200 hour training in 2011 with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga. The same year, she returned to the study of theatre at Towson University and discovered a profound intersection between artist and yogi. She began her study of voice under the tutelage of Steve Satta at TU and later continued this study in 2016 in a year long program at Dell'arte International School of Physical Theatre. Elizabeth continues to seek ways to merge her life as a performer and a yoga teacher and to share the fruits of this crossover with both communities.