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Exploration of the Zodiac

Exercises in presence through the lens of astrology with guest teachers Malek Robbana, Ilana Khin A Human Space

You know what your sun sign is, but you might feel that astrology doesn’t quite capture the complexity of your being. After all like you’re so much more than just a Leo, Aquarius, Pisces or Capricorn. And you are! Within each individual all twelve signs exist. In Explorations of the Zodiac we’ll be exploring the depths and qualities of each zodiacal sign experientially — through movement, dance, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and relational exercises. There will be space for personal reflection and there will be invitations to work with a partner. You’ll have the opportunity to investigate the way these twelve elemental energies intimately express themselves through yourself and through others. Come learn about astrology and allow the creative energy of life to flow through the vessel of your body! All are welcome, no movement or astrology experience necessary.

Once signed up, please help us prepare your birth chart by sending your birth information (date, place and time, accurate within 15 minutes if possible) to

This workshop is being offered at $15 at early bird pricing. The early signup will help in preparing your birth chart and coordinating class plans. The price goes up to $25 on April 22 and to $30 on April 29.