Sara Jaye began her journey with yoga in her late teens. Giving her a connection to all parts of herself, body, mind, and spirit. Yoga illuminated a healing path that she has traveled ever since her first class. In 2011 she earned her 200-hour Hatha Yoga certification from Charm City Yoga. That year, she began practicing Transcendental Medication, and also earned her Reiki levels I & II, and has dedicated her life to Eastern philosophy and medicine.

She will graduate from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2020 with her Doctorate of Acupuncture. Her yoga classes cultivate an intersection between healing, meditation, and physicality, emphasizing connection to the breath, mindful anatomical cues, meditation through movement, and most importantly having fun!




Jen Lyons is A 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certified, who completed her 200 hour training at the Anamaya in Montezuma, Costa Rica with Lagos.corp in the fall of 2015 with a specialization in Thai yoga massage. Then completed her 300 hour teacher training at Tambo Illusion in Tarapoto, Peru with The Kula Collective during the fall of 2016 with a specialization in Reiki.

Her philosophy on yoga is that is not solely about the asana but the all encompassing benefits you receive from the practice for your mind body and spirit. Yoga is a way of living, a way to remain in the present moment and be in tune with life. Jen uses her teaching cues to help guide, strengthen and deepen her students practice, believing it is all in the personal practice. She implores her students to stay true to themselves and to cultivate their own individual practice within the energy of the group environment.




Sarah is a Certified Medical Qigong Therapist and Founder/Owner of Qigong Health & Wellness, LLC. Qigong is an ancient mind-body-spirit practice that combines gentle movement, meditation, and breath to promote optimum health and wellness.

Having seen people needlessly suffer, and certainly having experienced it herself, she cares deeply about facilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Her mission is to help awaken others to their own healing potential. She feels passionately about changing the narrative from normalizing sickness and disease to one of empowerment. Believing that everyone has the ability to embody health and wellness. Sarah offers Qigong workout classes, medical Qigong treatments, and various workshops.